Mission Statement

Optimization of process flows in assembly logistics

KRUPS Automation GmbH develops assembly logistics in assembly automation and test automation for its customers, tailored to their specific needs. KRUPS conveyor systems connect the most diverse workstations within a production line with workpiece carriers to create a modern, flexible and efficient assembly system.

The customer receives standardized and perfected components directly from the developer and manufacturer. Due to the full vertical range of manufacture at KRUPS, project-specific modifications are possible at any time and remain interesting in terms of time and price.

KRUPS' technical sales team is on hand to assist its customers from the earliest concept planning stage of new, automated production lines, and supports them in the development and optimization of the line layout.

New, innovative technologies and fast development cycles characterize the conveyor systems of KRUPS Automation GmbH. In this way, KRUPS customers are always one step ahead of the competition. The core business of KRUPS Automation GmbH is the overall optimization of processes within a production line with economical and modern conveyor systems that are standardized but optimized for the application. Reducing the cost of ownership, combined with minimum maintenance requirements and maximum availability, ultimately results in decisive competitive advantages for the customer.