Modular chain conveyors and steel chain conveyors

for transporting heavy loads

The product range of our modular chain conveyors and steel chain conveyors extends from the small, curve-going modular chain belt to the solid steel chain belt designed for heavy loads. This type of conveyor is more robust than the belt conveyors and is therefore suitable as a conveying system for sharp-edged, hot or oily products.

Our smaller modular chain conveyors with stainless steel frames are perfectly suited for use in the food industry under hygienically demanding conditions, for example as a cooling and buffering section for baked goods.

Steel chain conveyors, on the other hand, are often used under harsh environmental conditions, such as in the case of oil or chip accumulation. The form-fit drive via a toothed drive roller prevents the module chains from running, even when parts are pushed on or off at the side.