The intelligent conveyor system for
assembly and test automation

For future-oriented assembly logistics

LOGO!MAT eCart is a modern conveyor system with self-propelled, intelligent workpiece carriers on a passive conveyor line. It is specially designed for flexible assembly concepts in assembly automation and test automation, such as component assembly in electric mobility. Thanks to the modular rail design, future expansions or retrofits can be easily implemented. The conveyor system LOGO!MAT eCart is industry 4.0-compatible and is characterized by low maintenance, high availability and high reliability.

Production lines with maximum flexibility

The conveyor line consists of maintenance-free, fully accessible conveyor tracks with an integrated busbar with 48 DC drive power, which supplies the drive of the individual workpiece carriers. At the same time, it can be used to drive different tools on the eCart, e.g. electrically driven elevators, rotary units, clamps or other equipment. This standard function offers maximum flexibility in the design of a wide variety of part fixtures. Auxiliary power is available at all times, regardless of whether the workpiece carrier is at a station or in the transition between stations.

Comprehensive control throughout assembly logistics

Stop units can easily be moved and added along the line. They bring the workpiece carriers to a precise stop and enable communication between the main PLC, the cart and the intelligent, driven tool. This means maximum control over production. The tool can be adapted to the requirements of the station, the cart parameters such as speed or direction of travel can be changed and information about the status of the conveyor system can be read out at any time to ensure maximum availability within the production line. The purely electrical interface of the stops, without moving parts, completely eliminates mechanical wear.

Performance Level D ensures safety

The TÜV classification in performance level D guarantees operator safety, even with payloads of up to 1,360 kg. The eCarts have integrated obstacle detection, which stops automatically in case of contact via a highly safe two-channel braking system with active brake. Especially with heavy weights and high speeds, this means optimum safety for the operators of the systems.

In addition, the carts or intelligent workpiece carriers have integrated self-diagnosis and are able to detect problems before they lead to a standstill. This makes it possible to eject workpiece carriers for maintenance purposes without affecting the ongoing component assembly within the production line.