Toothed belt conveyors

for production lines and other applications

Toothed belt conveyors offer a very high degree of flexibility, as they are available in single versions as well as with two or more tracks as so-called multi-track conveyors. Toothed belts with different designs of the carrying side or with the possibility to screw on steles or pick-up prisms result in a wide range of applications.

Whether for transporting bulky parts or flat goods such as glass panes, thanks to its high flexibility, this conveyor system from KRUPS also offers the solution for your specific application.

The KRUPS toothed belt conveyor is ideal for transporting bulky goods, which can also contain downward projecting parts. Available in single, double or multi-track versions, this conveyor system is versatile.
Even the transport of flat parts, such as wooden plates or glass panes, as well as projecting parts, such as car bumpers, is possible without any problems. Since the workpiece is accessible from above as well as from below, toothed belt conveyors are often used in production lines.

Clamping belt conveyors

Our clamping belt conveyor is a special type of toothed belt conveyor. In order to ensure unrestricted access to the workpiece from below, the goods to be transported are gently clamped and transported laterally between two soft belts.

The suspended design of the system allows easy integration into existing conveyor systems. In order to ensure the greatest possible flexibility, the clamping belt conveyor is available with infinitely variable height adjustment on request. Typical applications of this transport system are plants for marking and labelling products.