Sustainability at KRUPS

Sustainability and compliance – practised corporate values

As a medium-sized, international, family-owned company, now in its second generation, KRUPS Automation GmbH is strongly committed to the values of compliance and sustainability. A very strong and pronounced employee loyalty, the continuous but assessable growth and the constant further development of the company structure, offer our employees a safe and good workplace. The spacious premises with modern and good equipment contribute to the pleasant working atmosphere in addition to the outdoor areas provided.


The buildings are subject to constant modernization in order to save energy and remain at the latest security level. In all buildings, the lighting is being converted to LED technology and the heating systems are being replaced by more efficient devices.

In one of our buildings, electricity is fed into the grid via a cogeneration unit if it cannot be used with the machines themselves. All new buildings are equipped with modern heat pumps and are built according to the latest energy guidelines.

Renewable energy

Our commitment to a sustainable future can easily be seen through our energy efficiency and environmental protection measures. We have already implemented renewable energy in our innovation center with a 54 kW peak photovoltaic system. Further plans are in the works to install these systems in other areas of our operation as well.

Sustainable mobility

The modern company fleet operates various electric or hybrid vehicles, which are charged at the company's own charging stations. Employees now also use this infrastructure to charge their electric cars free of charge during working hours. E-bikes can also be charged at KRUPS Automation GmbH during working hours at no cost.

In addition to big steps like this, we maintain a high standard of environmental awareness in our day-to-day operations. By sorting and disposing of our waste appropriately, recycling whenever possible, and using sustainable packaging for our products, we are taking further steps toward a greener future.

Save up to 80% of


At the core of our forward-thinking efforts is our eCart product, which reduces energy costs by up to 80% during operation. This monumental energy savings combined with reduced setup, wiring and maintenance requirements makes the eCart system extremely sustainable. Its components are designed with longevity, flexibility and reusability in mind to help protect valuable environmental resources. This concept ensures that, whether your production needs drastically change or remain essentially the same, the system will continuously meet your needs for years to come.