New preferred series

As a reliable partner in automation, KRUPS Automation now offers you

preferred series of small conveyor belts type KF30 and KF50.


So we can guarantee to supply you with market standard nominal widths with a wide range of belts. We offer our customers the highest quality with short delivery times at attractive prices. Thanks to our KRUPS modular system, we can also promise:

- our experienced in-house production

- proven warehousing and

- on-time suppliers.



The current situation in procurement is determined by uncertain delivery dates, faltering supply chains and price increases. It is therefore essential to be able to rely on business partners. For us, it is particularly important to guarantee this security to our customers.

Of course, our new preferred series are available in various designs, so that we can offer something suitable for many possible applications. Contact us at any time with further questions and let us advise you personally!

Here you can find more information about all our small conveyor systems as well as our new preferred series.